3D Printing Service

What can we 3D print for you?

Local Makers 3D Printing Service

We have the largest selection of 3D printers in Amsterdam and are able to produce high-quality 3D printed models model very quickly.  Send us your file and your requirement and we will send you a quote.

In our Amsterdam showroom, we have a selection of Ultimakers, Formlabs, Delta machines, Markforged 3D printers and more.

Our 3D Printing materials available include:

  • PLA
  • ABS
  • Carbon Fibre
  • PET
  • CPT
  • Kevlar
  • Full Colour
  • Tough Resin
  • Durable Resin
  • Heat Resistant
  • Transparent
  • Castable Resin
  • and much, much more…

Model finishing services and painting services are also available.


  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, jpeg, ai, dxf, stl, obj.

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